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An Elder’s Story

5:30 min. - Once, after giving birth, a woman took cold and one of her breasts became swollen. We made a Sweat Lodge for her, so she could sweat and expel the cold. We also made her a poultice from Labrador Tea.


Julienne Malec - I had 14 children, but only went to the hospital twice, and the last time was for my twins. I had those babies by C-section. I think I had an easier time in the bush than at the hospital. Three old women from Natashquan helped me with the birth of my first twins. In the past, pregnant women couldn't even imagine having difficulty giving birth in the bush. When a child was born, we named it, then waited to have it baptized in the village when we returned four months later. Dating didn't exist when I was young. Marriages were arranged. I myself was not in love when I married. I didn't want to marry a man who wasn't from Natashquan. So I refused the offers that came from outside the area. In the end, I married a widower from Natashquan.
One day, after giving birth, a woman caught cold and her breast swelled up. We set up a matitushan for her, so she could sweat and expel the cold. We also prepared a poultice with Labrador tea. But her breast was full of pus. My husband, who was with us, made a small incision with a razor blade. There was pus everywhere. Once he had drained her breast, and without stitching it up, he applied a poultice of fir gum and protected it with the skin of a hare. He put a muskrat skin over the incision. This skin has the capacity to pull out toxins.
Narrator - After the cold spell, around the end of February, some very special visitors arrive directly from the North. Hundreds of white-tailed ptarmigans arrive on the land, looking for food. This is like a gift for the Innu, a delicious variation to their diet at this time of the year. It's also a new opportunity to gather, since these ptarmigans are found in certain mountainous areas, such as "nutapineuan". That's where we gather once again on our way back towards the sea.
Music - Rodrigue Fontaine, Bill St-Onge, Luc Bacon


Clément des Rosiers 4 years, 4 months ago

Je me doutais bien que des peuples comme les Innus devaient être créatifs, ingénieux et courageux pour avoir, non pas survécu mais bien vécu, en développant une culture à "modèle durable" sur une période du plusieurs millénaires, sans polluer leur TERRE !!! sous un climat pas très méditerranéen !?!.
Les informations données sur ce site sont d'une richesse anthropologique incroyable même si les participants des vidéos s'abreuvent désormais à la technologie du fer et flirtent à la société de consommation. Chez les vieux surtout, on sent bien leur profond attachement au territoire et leurs valeurs spirituelles animistes et humanistes (Philosophie naturelle)
Que Kiche Manito les protège et leur pardonne de donner dans une religion catholique qui les a déjà fait, qui les fait et qui les fera encore souffrir! ( de quoi je me mêle encore...?)

Elysabeth B 7 years, 5 months ago

Un beau partage, merci pour ce beau vidéo tout en douceur de vivre!

Oronhya 11 years, 5 months ago

C'est précieux des vidéos comme ça! Merci du partage! Tsheneshkamaten ^_~

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they cover the base of the tent with snow
apakuatakanu patshuianitshuap
they cover the tent structure with canvas
ashitshishtau tshimannu
she strikes a match
auneu tshishtapakuna
she carries spruce branches
ka uitshinanut
a shovel
mamakushkamu umatukap
he uses his body weight to trample the snow, to make a place for the tent
sculpting wood to make toys
he pierces the trunk to bend them
hole in the ice to fish
they move around, pulling a toboggan
they remove the branches from a conifer with an axe to insulate a floor
he puts on his snowshoes
cone-shaped, two-doored tent
he walks across a frozen lake
central pole
ice chisel
tshissinuashtakanu pikuakan
fishing-hole marker
white-tailed ptarmigan
birch branches as bait
wooden hook
utapanashkut utapeu umitima
here she comes with her firewood on the sled

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