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Caribou Hunt

Losing the Trail

2:45 min. - Hunters can easily lose the caribou’s trail. In that case, they return to camp to consult the drummer.


Jean-Baptiste Bellefleur - It can easily happen that hunters lose the caribou's trail. In that case, they return to camp to consult the drummer.
In anticipation of their request, the elder takes out a bag containing the pieces of his drum, and sets it on the branches inside the tent. Then he waits.
The hunters then begin to assemble this thousand-year-old instrument. Through this gesture, they ask the drummer to use his drum to find the caribou. As soon as the skin, cord and small bones are in place, the elder begins his chant, the one in his dream that made him a drummer. By this act, he contacts his ally within the drum, and asks for its help in finding the caribou.
The elder then passes his drum to another drummer and leaves the tent. The second drummer demands that the hunters dance to his chant, in order to break the lost caribous' legs. Later, the first drummer returns and tells the hunters where to find the caribou. He knows this because his ally has come to tell him in a dream.
Drums - Mathieu Peters, Andrew Pocker

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Garry Shannon Peters 6 years, 4 months ago

Mes deux grands pères! Mathieu Peters et Étienne Bellefleur III ! Un joueur de tambour mak kutak un grand chasseur!

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akutakanu eshkanat
we hang the antlers on a tree
quiet water surface
she makes a floor of fir branches
he shows something
kapeu-kuashkutu atiku
the caribou comes out of the water
misty morning
kuashkutipeu atiku
the caribou jumps into the water
the caribou has big antlers
tree where the caribou rubbed its antlers
swamp bordered by trees
nekakatamu ukatshishapishteshim
he puts sand in his frying pan
skim the bone broth
even out the ground for the tent
they move around, pulling a toboggan
pimishkau atiku
the caribou is swimming
pimuteshapan atiku
a caribou has been here
he splits wood chips with an axe
he puts on his snowshoes
shakassineu pishimu
the moon is full
split wood
they look at something
caribou’s shoulder blade
caribou’s tracks

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