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Caribou Hunt


2:10 min. - In October, nights are cold and the hunter has access to tracks frozen into the lichen to see where the caribou has been. The caribou’s behaviour becomes predictable during mating season. Please note that some scenes may contain images that may offend the sensibilities of visitors.


Narrator - It's a clear night, it's going to be cold, it's sure to freeze. In that case, the hunter will have tracks frozen into the lichen at his disposal, so he can follow the caribou's comings and goings. The caribou's behaviour becomes predictable during mating season. Obsessed by the females' smell, it sometimes becomes reckless.
The hunter knows that caribou don't sink, so he aims for the ear. Uishak, the dominant male, is the only sire of his harem. Starting in September, after his antlers lose their velvet, he sets out to herd his does. As usual, Uishak tries to stop a young male from isolating a female and her fawn on an island in order to mate. Despite its magnificent appearance, this animal is not edible during mating season, it has a very strong taste. That is why the Innu don't kill it.
This transformation only lasts a short time. As early as the beginning of December, Uishak loses his antlers and once again becomes Upanu, "he who follows the group". All these dramas of love and war are then forgotten.

Four caribou swimming in a lake, followed by hunters
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akutakanu eshkanat
we hang the antlers on a tree
quiet water surface
she makes a floor of fir branches
he shows something
kapeu-kuashkutu atiku
the caribou comes out of the water
misty morning
kuashkutipeu atiku
the caribou jumps into the water
the caribou has big antlers
tree where the caribou rubbed its antlers
swamp bordered by trees
nekakatamu ukatshishapishteshim
he puts sand in his frying pan
skim the bone broth
even out the ground for the tent
they move around, pulling a toboggan
pimishkau atiku
the caribou is swimming
pimuteshapan atiku
a caribou has been here
he splits wood chips with an axe
he puts on his snowshoes
shakassineu pishimu
the moon is full
split wood
they look at something
caribou’s shoulder blade
caribou’s tracks

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