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Caribou Hunt

Tracks and Bearings

10:17 min. - The caribou begins to shed the velvet covering its anthers. It digs and unearths females’ urine. That’s what you must notice when mating season begins.


Jean-Baptiste Bellefleur - The caribou begins to lose the velvet that covers its antlers. It nuzzles around and digs up the females' urine. Mating season has begun. Looks like a white spot over there... Maybe it's lichen... Maybe it's the effect of a small larch rustling in front of some white lichen. It looks like it's moving... It really looks like it's moving. Let's get a closer look.
Gilles Bellefleur - It's a rock...
Jean-Baptiste Bellefleur - Judging by these tracks, the caribou will be on the other side of the plain, out of the wind.
The woodland caribou, which lives in the forest, is hard to catch. You have to be quiet when looking for it.
If the caribou smells us, or smells fire, it will back away from the direction of the wind, of the smell.
At this time of year, the caribou never goes very far; it always comes back along the same trail.
According to this spoor, a caribou went by here not too long ago. It's not far, I think it went that way.
If the caribou hadn't run away we could have seen them earlier on the small plain. Did we perhaps go too far? We'll try again tomorrow: there's another tree like this one, over there. The caribou must be in the forest. I'd really like to see one! If we go over there, we can see a lot farther.
Narrator - Once the hunter knows approximately where the caribou is, he can wait for the right moment. He knows that the caribou won't move in bad weather, and he'll do the same.
Jean-Baptiste Bellefleur - A caribou crossed over a stream twice here. Judging from the fresh spoor and the tracks we saw, there must be 6 or 7 caribou. Probably 5 or 6 females, according to the tracks. We saw more tracks beside the lake. They're not as fresh, not from the same day... Probably a lone young stag looking for a doe to herd.
Music - Rodrigue Fontaine, Bill St-Onge, Luc Bacon

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akutakanu eshkanat
we hang the antlers on a tree
quiet water surface
she makes a floor of fir branches
he shows something
kapeu-kuashkutu atiku
the caribou comes out of the water
misty morning
kuashkutipeu atiku
the caribou jumps into the water
the caribou has big antlers
tree where the caribou rubbed its antlers
swamp bordered by trees
nekakatamu ukatshishapishteshim
he puts sand in his frying pan
skim the bone broth
even out the ground for the tent
they move around, pulling a toboggan
pimishkau atiku
the caribou is swimming
pimuteshapan atiku
a caribou has been here
he splits wood chips with an axe
he puts on his snowshoes
shakassineu pishimu
the moon is full
split wood
they look at something
caribou’s shoulder blade
caribou’s tracks

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