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Caribou Hunt

Traditional Teachings

2:38 min. - Traditional teachings instilled the knowledge to find one’s bearings in the dark, alone in the forest, guided only by the wind. Caribou are curious enough about the colour white to actually approach it. On the other hand, red scares them and green doesn’t attract them at all.


Jean-Baptiste Bellefleur - Traditional teachings taught us how to get our bearings in the dark, alone in the forest, with only the wind to guide us. You always had to be able to feel the wind from the same side. When I hunt, I make no noise, and I prefer higher ground where the view is better. Caribou stick to lower ground, they like the small plains. Caribou don't like heights. Caribou are curious about the colour white, curious enough to approach it. On the other hand, red scares them and green doesn't attract them at all. White attracts caribou in the fall, during mating season. The male looks for the white spot on the female's coat. White is very easy to spot amidst all the fall colors. Mating takes place around mid-October, and from then on, Uishak (the great caribou) is no longer edible. Its taste is too pronounced.
Music - Rodrigue Fontaine, Bill St-Onge, Luc Bacon

Two hunters prepare to launch their canoe
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akutakanu eshkanat
we hang the antlers on a tree
quiet water surface
she makes a floor of fir branches
he shows something
kapeu-kuashkutu atiku
the caribou comes out of the water
misty morning
kuashkutipeu atiku
the caribou jumps into the water
the caribou has big antlers
tree where the caribou rubbed its antlers
swamp bordered by trees
nekakatamu ukatshishapishteshim
he puts sand in his frying pan
skim the bone broth
even out the ground for the tent
they move around, pulling a toboggan
pimishkau atiku
the caribou is swimming
pimuteshapan atiku
a caribou has been here
he splits wood chips with an axe
he puts on his snowshoes
shakassineu pishimu
the moon is full
split wood
they look at something
caribou’s shoulder blade
caribou’s tracks

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