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ashamashkuat Play button
snowshoe frames
ashamat Play button
kaikutekanishuta Play button
kushapatshikan Play button
shaking tent
kusseumieush Play button
all-purpose bag
kutuan Play button
makanipakan Play button
a shovel
mashku-ashamat Play button
temporary snowshoe
mataikan Play button
matauakanu Play button
they scrape hides
mishkutui Play button
drum hoop
mitshitatshikan Play button
mukutatsheu Play button
he handles the crooked knife
nakashkuauakanu mishtikuai Play button
they keep the hide in the wind
nishtamitakut Play button
the bow
pakutshimakanu Play button
we let the hide dry
pashaitsheuat Play button
they square off a tree to make something
pashkutshikan tshikauanu Play button
he makes a scraper
passikan Play button
shitapitakanu teueikan Play button
they dress the drum Bubble Comment 1
tamatakuashkuat Play button
template for the canoe
tashkaishameu Play button
he splits the birch to make snowshoes
teueikaniapi Play button
caribou hide for the drum
tipainassameu mishtikua Play button
measure the wood with his hands
tshishtikatshenanu Play button
they use stakes to stretch the skin so it will dry
tshishtishkatshikan Play button
stake to keep the hide stretched and off the ground
uashkapeshuakanu mishtikuai Play button
we trim the edges of the hide
uashkashapenanu Play button
cut rawhide sinew strips
uepashtashun Play button
upashtamakan Play button
ushpishkuanit ut uinatikuanu atikuss ua tutuakanit teueikaniapi Play button
they gut a young caribou through the back to make the skin for the drum
utai-kushkan Play button
wooden hook

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