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anasseu Play button
she makes a floor of fir branches
anatshenanu Play button
they cover the base of the tent with snow
apakuatakanu patshuianitshuap Play button
they cover the tent structure with canvas
auneu tshishtapakuna Play button
she carries spruce branches
ka tshimanakaniht kukushuakanashkuat Play button
place where the poles have been left
ka uitshinanut Play button
kakusseshiu-patshuianitshuap Play button
prospector’s tent
kutuenanu Play button
they make a fire
mamakushkamu umatukap Play button
he uses his body weight to trample the snow, to make a place for the tent
manukashunanu Play button
they set up the camp
nanatuaputatsheu Play button
he pierces the trunk to bend them
nekakatamu ukatshishapishteshim Play button
he puts sand in his frying pan
pashkaipu Play button
even out the ground for the tent
piuashikuaitshenanu Play button
they remove the branches from a conifer with an axe to insulate a floor
puitakaishkaitsheu Play button
he splits wood chips with an axe
shakassineu pishimu Play button
the moon is full
shaputuan Play button
cone-shaped, two-doored tent
tashkaimiteu Play button
split wood
tashtuikanitshuap Play button
tetauan Play button
central pole
tipainissatamu apakuanu Play button
she measure the canvas with her hand
tshiashi-nikuashkan Play button
ancient cemetary
tshishtashkatshikana Play button
tent poles
utapanashkut utapeu umitima Play button
here she comes with her firewood on the sled

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