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Glossary : Food

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anauakataitsheu Play button
she covers her bread in sand Bubble Comment 1
apuanashku Play button
atan Play button
smooth rock
atsheu Play button
he crushes the bones with a mortar and pestle
innu-pakueshikan Play button
innu-pakueshikanitsheu Play button
she prepares bannock
ishkuassekatueu Play button
he covers (it) with coals
kashkashkueu upakushikanim Play button
she scrapes her bread
kuapitsheu Play button
he draws water
mamakuneu pakueshikana Play button
she kneads the bread
mamatishakanua uina Play button
they cut the marrow into slices
manaipimeu Play button
skim the fat from the top of the bone broth
minuassukaimu upimim Play button
we mix the fat with the marrow slices
minuauakaimu Play button
make an indentation for the bread
mitshishunanu Play button
they eat
mushkami Play button
bone broth
nipishaputshenanu Play button
we make tea
nutapuenanu Play button
skim the bone broth
panishauenanu Play button
they cut the meat in large, thin slices
pashamesheu Play button
he dries the fish
pashauenanu uiash Play button
they hang the meat to dry it
pashtatashkuaikanu mak massekushkamiku ashtakanu tshetshi mamuashkatik Play button
we place wooden blocks and moss on top of it so it will all freeze together
patakueu Play button
he burns off the porcupine's quills and hair
patishipeu Play button
burn off duck down
shakapuesseu Play button
goose roasted on a stick
shakapueumishkueu Play button
beaver roasted on a stick
shashassikuashaueu Play button
he fries
shiutau uiashinu Play button
he salts the sliced meat
takutashtakanua nakatuashuna Play button
we place packets of food on the cache
teshipitakan Play button
a cache
teshipitakannu e tutak Play button
he places fir branches on top of the cache
tshinakueu Play button
he removes the porcupine’s intestines
tshineshkan Play button
ice chisel
tshishaussaueu Play button
he heats the sand
tshishtai-shipeu Play button
he roasts duck meat
tshishtaimu uiashinu Play button
he grills meat on a stick
tshissakanua uina Play button
we cook the bone marrow slices
uikutaimu uina Play button
he extracts the bone marrow
uina Play button
uishkuashameshenanu Play button
they smoke the fish
umatatuiaku Play button
porcupine intestines
ushakanana Play button
boiled bones
ushikaneu Play button
he boils the powdered bones
ushkan Play button
ushkan-atiku Play button
caribou bones not used in the fat-making process
ushkuai akunaikatshenanu nakatuashun Play button
the food packets are covered in birch bark
utapiukatiapia makupitakatsheu nenu utipatshipishikan Play button
he uses roots to tie the dried meat of an entire caribou into a bark container
utapuinakan Play button
bark container

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