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Glossary : Clothing

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akutshimakanu mishtikuai Play button
they soak the hide
ashpikuashu Play button
she embroiders
ashpikuashun Play button
katekanepush Play button
katshepushtauakanu mishtikuai Play button
we sew the hide to plug up the holes
mamakupetshineu utipaput Play button
mix and knead the hide in the brain mixture to saturate it with the oil
mamenikuashuna Play button
mautakanua ashinia Play button
to gather stones
minuetshineu mishtikuaia Play button
she folds the caribou hide
mitshitatshenanu Play button
they scrape the hide
pashkuaitshenanu Play button
they scrape a hide to remove the hair
pashkutshikan Play button
they make a scraper to remove hair from the hide
pimikatakanu utipapui Play button
they add a little oil to the liquid brain mix
pitshissinikanu pashkutshitaku Play button
crumble the stump so it dries faster
shash tshishi-uishkushauenanu Play button
the smoking is finished
shatshimeu-akunishkueun Play button
mosquito hat
shetshipatuan Play button
braids coiled around the ears
shetshipatuan-akunishkueun Play button
innu hat
shikapashkutakanu Play button
they hang up the hide remove excess water
shinipatashkueitshenanu Play button
they use a tool to wring it
shitshipitasheu Play button
he stretches the beaver hide
tshipuapitakanu mishtikuai Play button
they tie up the hide to keep it closed
uashtekanapissamu ashinia Play button
heat the stones till they’re red
unikutakanu mishtikuai Play button
we hang the hide to smoke it
utamishkai Play button
utipapui Play button
caribou brain mixed with a bit of water

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