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akutakanu eshkanat Play button
we hang the antlers on a tree
ashitshishtau tshimannu Play button
she strikes a match
atuaitsheu Play button
he shows something
kapatauat Play button
they’re portaging
kutshiu Play button
he dives
mamakumeu ushkuaia Play button
she chews bark to use for embroidery
mameshikutatsheu Play button
sculpting wood to make toys
mameshinikutakan Play button
sculpture of two males in heat
mamuitun Play button
matapeshtau Play button
he finishes portaging
minuenitamuat Play button
they are joyful
natai-kukushu Play button
going upriver using a pole
natshi-minu-akutau ushkanima Play button
out of respect for the caribou, he’ll place the bones in an elevated spot
niminanu Play button
they dance the makusham
nimuat auassat Play button
the children dance
nimuat tshishennuat Play button
the elders dance
nishtamitikutsheu Play button
he rows in front
pakashimunanu Play button
they swim
pakauat Play button
they disembark from the canoe
papami-uitshauiuat Play button
they run here and there
pashkutshitaku Play button
dry, rotten tree stump
pimashu Play button
he moves with the wind
pimipitshuat Play button
they move around, pulling a toboggan
pimutakueu Play button
he shoots his arrow
pishikunamuat ushkutiminu Play button
they take apart a beaver dam
piutamu Play button
he descends the rapids in a canoe
pushtashameu Play button
he puts on his snowshoes
takuaitsheu Play button
she directs the canoe
tashkamishkuteu Play button
he walks across a frozen lake
tshitaimatsheu Play button
he sets the tone
tshitaimuakanuat Play button
the drum is played to make them dance
tshitapuat Play button
they look at something
uanikamuat Play button
getting into the canoe
uauakashkuaimuat Play button
they row along a winding waterway
uiushuat Play button
they carry baggage on their backs
utakuai-papamishkauat Play button
they go out in the canoe in the evening

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