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Glossary : Hunting

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ashkuatshikuepu Play button
he waits for the seal
atshikuianessina Play button
sealskin boots
ekute tshe ut pitutshet Play button
mouth of the trap
kusseupu Play button
to fish
makupitamu ukutashkueiapinu Play button
he ties off the oesophagus
manashamu utashtishimeukua Play button
he removes the filets from the caribou’s back
maushunanu Play button
berry picking
natau-shatsheueu Play button
lobster fishing Bubble Comment 1
pakaipishtauakanu Play button
they put out the caribou's eyes
pashkunineueu Play button
pluck a partridge
pashkunishipeu Play button
pluck a duck
patshashkutashkueiueneu Play button
he cuts the oesophagus Bubble Comment 1
pekupeu Play button
he comes out of the water
pikuakan Play button
hole in the ice to fish
pitaikanu umiku uinashtakat Play button
they add blood to the stomach
tapakuaineueu Play button
he catches a partridge in the snare
tshiashku-uaua Play button
seagull eggs
tshissinuashtakanu pikuakan Play button
fishing-hole marker
uapush-unaikan Play button
hare trap
uinamesheu Play button
she cleans the fish
uinitikueuat Play button
they cut up a caribou
umitshimikusseuakanu Play button
birch branches as bait
upissunai Play button
caribou pancreas
upuameuku Play button
caribou haunch
utapia unakuanikashu Play button
he uses roots to make a snare
utatshiatikua Play button
caribou innards
utinikan-atiku Play button
caribou’s shoulder blade

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