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Glossary : Landscape & Place

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amipushu Play button
quiet water surface
kakatshat Play button
multi-leveled portage
kapatakan-meshkanau Play button
portage path
kashkuanapan Play button
misty morning
kassekau Play button
massekuashkueiau Play button
swamp bordered by trees
minishtiku Play button
mishkumi Play button
nakatshun Play button
at the foot of the rapids
naneu Play button
nutinakamishtin Play button
the breeze has made small ripples on the lake
pakupeutshikan Play button
paushtiku Play button
pimuteshapan atiku Play button
a caribou has been here
uashtessiu Play button
the trees are changing colour
uinipeku Play button
the sea
unaman-shipu Play button
the romaine river
utitikumeu Play button
caribou’s tracks
utshimau-atauitshuap Play button
the Hudson Bay’s general store in Mani-utenam

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