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2:53 min. - Snowshoes are the most important item in winter. You can’t go anywhere without them in winter. An Innu has great respect for snowshoes. For example, if he notices a pair on the ground, he’ll immediately pick them up and hang them on a tree.


Pelashe Mark - During wintertime, the hunters left very early and returned very late. Because the days were short, the Innu did a lot of work inside the tent. And when they heard the far-off sound of snowshoes on the snow, they knew it was the hunters returning.
Kanikuen Grabriel and Antoine Mark - Hello! Hello! Guests are here. Where are you from? Unaman-shipu Ha! Unaman-shipu!
In winter, the most important object in the bush is the snowshoe. Without it, you can't get around. Innu have the greatest respect for the snowshoe. For example, if an Innu sees a pair on the ground, he'll immediately pick them up and hang them up. You understand their importance now.
Marie-Josette Bellefleur and Pelashe Mark - The hunter must know his territory perfectly, day or night.
Hunting is very difficult and there is much to do. The hunter must travel long distances carrying heavy loads.
A hunter is an important person, who is well taken care of.
We make his clothing, clean his catch, and lace his snowshoes. It's in our interest to take good care of him. In fact, we're extremely proud of him.
Music - Rodrigue Fontaine, Bill St-Onge, Luc Bacon

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JACQUES Sébastien 10 years, 2 months ago

Bonjour à tous,
C'est depuis ma petite Belgique bien lointaine que j'envois ce commentaire. Je m'intéresse depuis bien longtemps à la communauté Innu et j'apprécie grandement toutes ces vidéos tellement intéressantes. C'est vraiment formidable pour la jeune génération de voir ainsi les traditions se perpétuées. Félicitation pour votre site, il est vraiment très instructif et il y a, en plus de certains aspects techniques, beaucoup d'émotion dans tout cela. A très bientôt. Sébastien.

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