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Temporary Snowshoes

2:46 min. - These temporary snowshoes are used at the beginning of winter when there’s not a lot of snow, to preserve the regular snowshoes. Temporary snowshoes are made in a single day to fulfil an immediate need.


Narrator - I was born 45 miles north of Schefferville. We went to this territory every year since my grandfather's time. We traveled about 600 miles from the sea, (or Uashat Sept-Iles), to get to this place.
Kanikuen Gabriel - We left around the end of August. Sometimes we traveled by night because of the wind: we had to get there before the ground froze. Once we got to the land, we hunted caribou and bear to stock up on supplies. We knew we would need them later.
We also took this opportunity to make ourselves clothing, moccasins, and snowshoes. It was just before trapping season. For this snowshoe, whose front is not laced, I'll use string...
I use temporary snowshoes at the beginning of winter when there's not much snow, so I don't have to use my good snowshoes. It took one day to make this kind of snowshoe. We needed them immediately.
Narrator - As soon as the caribou was killed, the Innu began to make hunter's snowshoes and moccasins.
Music - Rodrigue Fontaine, Bill St-Onge, Luc Bacon


David Gendron 6 years, 5 months ago

Great series of films, I wish I could hang out with you guys for a season or two!! Hope you make other movies!! Thank you

Jonathan D Yellowbear (Wizawayumowin) 10 years, 8 months ago

Kwai Kwai Kwai
These 4 short vidios on how kia (you) make (8gemak-snowshes in Sokoki/Abenaki) ashamat is fantastic and in kiowa (your own) lanuguage. I have enjoyed these very much and I wish to know if you all sell any of these ashamat. We have our own style down here, but I reallt admire your style as well. I am a member of the Sokoki Band of the Abenaki Indian Nation and must admit that what your elders are doing is commendable. Keep up the great work.
Wlinanawalemizi - Good, Take Care and Travel Well,
Jonathan D Yellowbear (Wizawayumowin)
Sokoki Band of the Abenaki Indian Nation

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