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State of the Territory

Nitassinan, this vast territory in North-Eastern Quebec has been guarded jealously by the Innu for 8,000 years. The nomadic Innu walked it and took care of it with the purpose of passing it on to further generations. However, the Europeans who arrived about 400 years ago see it rather as a reservoir of consumer goods for their own use.

The Nitassinan

4:55 min. - Innu territory was greatly transformed by industrialization. The following is an illustration of the subject of Philippe Mckenzie’s song, as he presents the state of the territory.


Music - Philippe Mckenzie
I had a big territory.
Today, it’s almost unbelievable.
We live together.
With all our brothers.
We live together.
So we won’t worry too much.
Those mountains ripped open.
For the pleasure of greed.
Again to better exploit.
All these flooded lands.
With dismesured projects.
Hey hey hey


Dan Godro 3 years, 8 months ago

Philippe Mckenzie , un artiste incontournable qui à sus donner la fierté à mes frères et soeurs, la famille est Grande. Respect

Dominic Cyr 5 years, 8 months ago

Très belle chanson qui veut dire pleins de choses, elle m'a fait vivre pleins d'émotions. Je voudrais l'apprendre, la jouer, la chanter, la crier très fort et la transmettre avec l'accord de celui qui la joue!! Bravo!

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