Raoni’s Visit


1:48 min. - In Pakut-shipu they see the Robertson Dam facilities and their effect on the land.


Narrator - In 1977, the bureaucrats decided to relocate Pakua-shipu Innus on the other side of St. Augustine River, they built houses but failed to build a school, instead they renovated the old one on the other bank, as a result school children had to cross in a motorized sleigh during winter or in a canoe during summer, which was somehow dangerous. After a long string of claims, a new school was finally built on the right bank of the river. But as we know, the school location was only one of the problems, the worst being Lake Robinson’s hydroelectric dam.
Chief Guy Bellefleur - The Innus have fought: they have blasted the issue in the medias. Personally, I went to Court trying to stop this project. Calling upon official by-laws the Government wouldn’t even respect. Since the Innus were demonstrating, Hydro-Québec called for an injunction to muzzle them and it worked. The Innus remained quiet and refrained from any “physical affirmation”. As a result, the project left them totally empty-handed.

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