4:12 min. - These are the Innu of the Great River: the Moisie River. Initially they lived at the mouth of this river, Mishta-shipu in Innu.


Délima André - I'm 94 and I was born in Port-Cartier. The community didn't exist this far up. I followed my husband here, to Mani-utenam. He was the community's first chief. In the company of bureaucrats, they searched for an ideal spot for the new community. This land belonged to the Gallienne family.
Gallienne didn't want to sell at first, but the government forced him. First he opened a store and the Innu began to clear their land. Where do the Innu who live here, come from? They're Innu from the Great River, the Moisie River, mainly from the village at the mouth of the Mishta-shipu River.
At first there was no water. The Innu got their water from Lake Lambert in buckets. That lake is polluted now. People were so anxious to move that they pitched their tents on the future site of their homes. Why was this place once called Apituamiss? Because it was halfway between the Moisie River and Uashat (Sept-Iles). In the old days, we called this place Kapituneiat. Because small lakes appear when the tide is low.

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